Women in Numbers 3 (2014)


Women in Numbers 3 will be held at Banff, Alberta, April 20-25th, 2014.

Official Website: http://www.birs.ca/events/2014/5-day-workshops/14w5009



Women in Numbers 3 -- Applications!

We are accepting applications for the WIN3 workshop which will be held
at BIRS in Banff, Alberta, April 20-25th, 2014.

This workshop is a continuation of the previous two WIN workshops at
BIRS.  It will bring together female number theorists at all stages in
their research careers, from senior faculty to graduate students, to
do new research in important and vibrant areas of modern number theory
and to continue to build a thriving community.

For a full description of the conference, please see the official
website at: http://www.birs.ca/events/2014/5-day-workshops/14w5009

The conference activity centers around research groups of 3-5
participants led by experienced faculty.  Participants are expected to
learn background material for their project before the conference and
help complete the research after the conference.

There are a dozen remaining slots available for participation in WIN3.
Women in number theory who are interested in joining the conference
should complete the short application process at the link below by
October 15.


Please be aware that we expect to have more applicants than available
slots.  Priority will be given to advanced graduate students, recent
PhDs, and applicants whose research interests align best with project

Ling Long, Katherine Stange, Rachel Pries