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1   Link   Association for Women in Mathematics
The Association for Women in Mathematics has recently celebrated its 40th anniversary.
2   Link   European Women in Mathematics
An international association of women working in the field of mathematics.
3   Link   IAS Program for Women in Mathematics
A mathematics and mentoring program for undergraduate and graduate women in mathematics.
4   Link   Women and Mathematics Network
An outreach program under the auspices of the MAA.
5   Link   Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics
Annual conference with invited speakers, and an opportunity for undergraduates to present their research.
6   Link   Center for Women in Mathematics at Smith College
Among other things, the centre runs a post-baccalaureate program for women who seek preparation for graduate school in mathematics, as well as a regular undergraduate conference for women in mathematics called WiMiN.
7   Link   Research Collaboration Conferences for Women
A new initiative to build networks of female researchers in different areas of mathematics, through Research Collaboration Conferences at math insitutes which focus on building collaboration groups consisting of senior and junior women in a given area.
8   Link   IMU Women in Mathematics Site
Website devoted to Women in Mathematics run by the International Mathematical Union.
9   Link   Two Weeks at Waterloo (Summer School for Women in Math)
For undergraduate women.
10   Link   EWM Summer Schools
Summer conferences run by European Women in Mathematics.
11   Link   George Washington University Summer Program for Women in Mathematics
Aimed at junior undergraduate women.
12   Link   Carlton Summer Mathematics Program for Women Undergraduates
Aimed at first or second year undergradutes.
13   Link   EDGE: A program for women in mathematics
Encouraging women PhD candidates.
14   Link   MSRI Connections for Women
Two-day workshops associated to MSRI programs.
15   Link   Femmes et Mathematiques
French website for women in mathematics.
16   Link   Korean Women in Mathematics
Organization for Korean women in the mathematical sciences.
17   Link   Women in Math Project
Further resources pertaining to women in mathematics (articles, scientific studies, links, grant information, etc.).
18   Link   Canadian Mathematical Society Resources for Women in Mathematics
Resources provided by the CMS.
19   Link   Connecting Women in Mathematics Across Canada
Workshops to support career development.
20   Link   Women and Mathematics Information Server
Resources for getting women into mathematics, run by the MAA.
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