Welcome to the Women in Number Theory Community!

This site is dedicated to the 'Women in Numbers' community, inspired by the WIN workshops occurring regularly since 2008.  We aim to be a resource both to female number theorists -- as a clearinghouse of information and opportunities relevant to women in numbers -- but also to the number theory community as a whole, by showcasing the many contributions of female number theorists to the discipline.  You'll find past and future WIN workshops, an up-to-date list of female number theorists, and a record of WIN research activities.  We also invite you to stay in touch via Twitter (@WINnumbertheory) or our email list.



We are very happy to announce SageDays62: Women In Sage (5) to take place July 28-August 1, 2014 at the Lodge at Welches near Portland, OR.  This workshop will focus on various aspects of computational number theory and will include talks, Sage development tutorials, and time spent developing code in small project groups.  The dual purposes of this conference are to enhance the Sage library, and to increase the number of women in the Sage development community.  Online applications are due May 23rd.
RECENT NEWS: Women in Pictures - WIN3

Women in Numbers 3 ran April 21st-25th, 2014 at BIRS in Banff, Alberta.  Photos by Katherine Stange.

RECENT NEWS: Research Collaboration Conferences for Women

There is now a growing list of conferences, largely inspired by the early WIN conferences, which are based on a model of week-long research collaborations for women.  Visit the webpage of this broader effort.

STICKY: Funding your Research Collaborations

This site contains some tips for funding your ongoing research collaborations.  Click "Resources" at left.