Conference photo, WIN 3

This site is dedicated to the ‘Women in Numbers’ community, inspired by the WIN workshops occurring regularly since 2008.  We aim to be a resource both to women number theorists — as a clearinghouse of information and opportunities relevant to women in numbers — but also to the number theory community as a whole, by showcasing the many contributions of women number theorists to the discipline.  You’ll find past and future WIN workshops, an up-to-date list of women number theorists, and a record of WIN research activities.  The WIN community is open to all people who identify as a woman in a way that’s significant to them.  We also invite you to stay in touch via Twitter (@WINnumbertheory) or our email list.

Wonderful news! The Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) has been awarded an ADVANCE grant in the amount $750,000 from the National Science Foundation to support the project Career Advancement for Women Through Research-Focused Networks. You can read more about this here.  Here is the new website:

In March 2013 the Executive Committee of the International Mathematical Union (IMU) approved the establishment of an Advisory Group for Women in Mathematics, charged with creating and overseeing a section of the IMU website entitled Women in Mathematics (WiM). Opportunities for women vary widely from country to country and a …