Research Directions in Number Theory: Women in Numbers IV

The conference Women in Numbers 4 produced a proceedings volume with Springer.

Editors: Balakrishnan, J.S., Folsom, A., Lalin, M., Manes, M. (Eds.)

Table of Contents

  • Ramanujan Graphs in Cryptography — Costache, Anamaria (et al.)
  • Cycles in the Supersingular ℓ-Isogeny Graph and Corresponding Endomorphisms — Bank, Efrat (et al.)
  • Chabauty–Coleman Experiments for Genus 3 Hyperelliptic Curves — Balakrishnan, Jennifer S. (et al.)
  • Weierstrass Equations for the Elliptic Fibrations of a K3 Surface — Lecacheux, Odile
  • Newton Polygons of Cyclic Covers of the Projective Line Branched at Three Points — Li, Wanlin (et al.)
  • Arboreal Representations for Rational Maps with Few Critical Points — Juul, Jamie (et al.)
  • Dessins D’enfants for Single-Cycle Belyi Maps — Manes, Michelle (et al.)
  • Multiplicative Order and Frobenius Symbol for the Reductions of Number Fields — Perucca, Antonella
  • Quantum Modular Forms and Singular Combinatorial Series with Distinct Roots of Unity — Folsom, Amanda (et al.)
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