Women in Numbers 2: Research Directions in Number Theory

The second conference Women in Numbers 2 (fix link) produced a proceedings volume entitled Women in Numbers 2: Research Directions in Number Theory published by the AMS.

Edited by Chantal David, Matilde LalĂ­n, and Michelle Manes

Table of Contents:

The Local Equivariant Tamagawa Number Conjecture for Almost Abelian Extensions — Jennifer Johnson-Leung

Images of Metabelian Galois Representations Associated to Elliptic Curves — Rachel Davis

Newton Polygons for a Variant of the Kloosterman Family — Rebecca Bellovin, Sharon Anne Garthwaite, Ekin Ozman, Rachel Pries, Cassandra Williams, and Hui June Zhu

Comparing Arithmetic Intersection Formulas for Denominators of Igusa Class Polynomials — Jacqueline Anderson, Jennifer S. Balakrishnan, Kristin Lauter, Jennifer Park, and Bianca Viray

An Algorithmic Approach to the Dwork Family — Adriana Salerno

Ranks ”Cheat Sheet” — Alice Silverberg

Fully Homomorphic Encryption for Mathematicians — Alice Silverberg

Mahler Measure of Multivariate Polynomials — Marie-Jose Bertin and Matilde Lalin

Mahler Measure of Some Singular K3-Surfaces — Marie-Jose Bertin, Amy Feaver, Jenny Fuselier, Matilde Lalin, and Michelle Manes

Distribution of Squarefree Values of Sequences Associated with Elliptic Curves — Shabnam Akhtari, Chantal David, Heekyoung Hahn, and Lola Thompson

Recent Advances for Ramanujan Type Supercongruences — Sarah Chisholm, Alyson Deines, and Holly Swisher

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