Funding Your Research Collaborations

Many of us started group collaborations at WIN conferences, found mentors and friends, or have been involved in spin-off research projects.  Here are some funding options for continuing those collaborations.

  1. The Association for Women in Mathematics together with the National Science Foundation run a regular travel grant program for female mathematicians.  There are several types of grants available.  There are conference travel grants, for women who do not have a certain level of travel funding available from other sources.  There are several types of grants designed to provide an opportunity to connect research and education.  And finally, there are “mentoring” travel grants which provide funding for a junior researcher to travel for one month to visit a senior researcher in order to establish a mentoring relationship.  All the grants require a detailed research proposal (for example, explaining the relevance of the conference to your research program).  Deadlines are 1-3 times per year.  Find out more at the AWM travel grant website.
  2. The AIM SQuaREs program funds groups of 4-6 researchers, preferably a mix of senior and junior, for a weeklong stay in San Jose, California at the American Institute of Mathematics.  The deadline is November 1st each year.
  3. The Banff International Research Station (with campuses in Canada and Mexico) has two programs for research collaborations:  Focussed Research Groups (up to 8 people, 1-2 weeks) and Research in Teams (2-4 people, 1-2 weeks).  Apply four months or more before the event date.
  4. The Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics in Providence, Rhode Island runs Collaborate@ICERM, facilities for 3-6 people for 5 days, on computational topics. Deadlines are May 1 and October 1.
  5. Oberwolfach runs a research in pairs (meaning 2-4 people) program in Germany for 2 weeks up to a month or more.  Apply 6 months to a year before your stay.
  6. CIRM France runs a weeklong research in pairs (meaning 2-4 people) program and an unfunded research in groups (up to 19 participants) program in France.  Apply at any time.
  7. CIRM Italy runs a research in pairs (meaning 2-3 people) program in Italy for a duration of 1-6 weeks.  Apply at least three months ahead.
  8. Centre Interfacultaire Bernoulli at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne runs a program called Bernoulli Brainstorm (2-4 people) in Switzerland, for up to two weeks duration.  Apply at any time, even on short notice.
  9. ICMS has research in pairs (2-4 people) for long duration (2 weeks to 3 months) in Edinburgh, UK.  Apply anytime.
  10. The Istanbul Center for Mathematical Sciences runs research in pairs (one of the participants is from a Turkish institution) in Istanbul for 2 weeks duration.  Apply anytime.

Thank you to Ekin Ozman for help compiling the European listings.

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