Women in Numbers Europe: Research Directions in Number Theory

The second conference Women in Numbers Europe produced a proceedings volume entitled Women in Numbers Europe: Research Directions in Number Theory published by Springer.

Editors: Bertin, M.J., Bucur, A., Feigon, B., Schneps, L.

Table of Contents:

Explicit Construction of Ramanjuan Bigraphs — Cristina Ballantine, Brooke Feigon, Radhika Ganapathy, Janne Kool, Kathrin Maurischat, Amy Wooding

Classifications of Elliptic Fibrations of  Singular K3 Surface — Marie Jose Bertin, Alice Garbagnati, Ruthi Hortsch, Odile Lecacheux, Makiko Mase, Cecilia Salgado, Ursula Whitcher

Shalika Germs for sln and sp2n Are Motivic — Sharon M. Frechette, Julia Gordon, Lance Robson

The Conjectural Relation Between Generalized Shalika Models on SO4n(F) and Symplectic Linear Models on SP4n(F): A Toy Example — Agnes David, Marcela Hanzer, Judith Ludwig

Bad Reduction of Genus Three Curves with Complex Multiplication — Irene Bouw, Jenny Cooley, Kristin Lauter, Elisa Lorenzo Garcia, Michelle Manes, Rachel Newton, Ekin Ozman

Symmetries of Rational Functions Arising in Ecalle’s Study of Multiple Zeta Values — Adriana Salerno, Damaris Schindler, Amanda Tucker

On tau-Li Coefficients for Rankin-Selberg L-Functions — Alina Bucur, Anne-Maria Ernvall-Hytonen, Almasa Odzak, Edva Roditty-Gershon, Lejla Smajlovic

Galois Representations and Galois Groups Over Q — Sara Arias-de-Reyna, Cecile Armana, Valentijn Karemaker, Marusia Rebolledo, Lara Thomas, Nuria Vila

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