Directions in Number Theory: Proceedings of the 2014 WIN3 Workshop

The conference Women in Numbers 3 produced a proceedings volume with Springer.


Editors: Eischen, E.E., Long, L., Pries, R., Stange, K.E.

Table of Contents

Insufficiency of the Brauer–Manin Obstruction for Rational Points on Enriques Surfaces — Francesca Balestrieri, Jennifer Berg, Michelle Manes, Jennifer Park, and Bianca Viray

Shadow Lines in the Arithmetic of Elliptic Curves — J.S. Balakrishnan, M. Çiperiani, J. Lang, B. Mirza, and R. Newton

Galois Action on the Homology of Fermat Curves — Rachel Davis, Rachel Pries, Vesna Stojanoska, and Kirsten Wickelgren

Zeta Functions of a Class of Artin–Schreier Curves with Many Automorphisms — Irene Bouw, Wei Ho, Beth Malmskog, Renate Scheidler, Padmavathi Srinivasan, and Christelle Vincent

Hypergeometric Series, Truncated Hypergeometric Series, and Gaussian Hypergeometric Functions — Alyson Deines, Jenny G. Fuselier, Ling Long, Holly Swisher,
and Fang-Ting Tu

A Generalization of S. Zhang’s Local Gross–Zagier Formula for GL — Maurischat, Kathrin

p-Adic q-Expansion Principles on Unitary Shimura Varieties — Ana Caraiani, Ellen Eischen, Jessica Fintzen, Elena Mantovan, and Ila Varma

Kneser–Hecke-Operators for Codes over Finite Chain Rings — Amy Feaver, Anna Haensch, Jingbo Liu, and Gabriele Nebe

Ring-LWE Cryptography for the Number Theorist — Yara Elias, Kristin E. Lauter, Ekin Ozman, and Katherine E. Stange

Asymptotics for Number Fields and Class Groups — Wood, Melanie Matchett

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