Women in Numbers Europe II: Contributions to Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometry

The conference Women in Numbers Europe II produced a proceedings volume with Springer.

Editors: Bouw, I.I., Özman, E., Johnson-Leung, J., Newton, R. (Eds.)


Table of Contents

  • Lower Bounds for Heights in Relative Galois Extensions — Akhtari, Shabnam (et al.)
  • Reductions of Algebraic Integers II — Perucca, Antonella
  • Reductions of One-Dimensional Tori II — Perucca, Antonella
  • On the Carlitz Rank of Permutation Polynomials Over Finite Fields: Recent Developments — Anbar, Nurdagül (et al.)
  • Dynamical Belyi Maps — Anderson, Jacqueline (et al.)
  • Discriminant Twins — Deines, Alyson
  • The a-Number of Hyperelliptic Curves — Frei, Sarah
  • Non-ordinary Curves with a Prym Variety of Low p-Rank — Celik, Turku Ozlum (et al.)
  • Elliptic Fibrations on Covers of the Elliptic Modular Surface of Level 5 — Balestrieri, Francesca (et al.)
  • On Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer’s Cubic Surfaces — West, Mckenzie
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