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We have a listserv for the Women in Number Theory Network.


The purpose of the list is to help women researchers working in number theory to create and maintain contact with each other, and to share information and opportunities (conferences, funding, etc.). The list is open to all who are interested, not just women in number theory. So if you have friends or colleagues who might like to join, please pass along the subscription information to them.

(List traffic is low volume, and is not intended for casual socializing.)

Subscribing / Unsubscribing

There are two ways to do subscribe to and unsubscribe from the list.
First, you may send an email to

with the message

subscribe winn-l


unsubscribe winn-l

in the body of the message (no subject). You may do this at any time, but you must do it from the account at which you are subscribed.

Alternately, you may follow the directions here:

You’ll need to create a password for our system, but you do not need a UH username to do it. You can then subscribe or unsubscribe via a web interface. You may also enter your name and set other subscription preferences.

Emailing the list

Use this list for sharing information and opportunities of interest to women researchers working in number theory. To email the list, send your message to

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